Forensic Services

Assessment Criteria

The nature of the Assessment will depend upon the referral question and may include but is not limited to:
  • Competency to stand trial.
  • Competency to understand Miranda rights.
  • Mental state at the time of the offense(s).
  • Malingering evaluations.
  • Intellectual assessments.
  • Assessment of mitigating factors in the sentencing phase.
  • Civil cases, to assess for emotional distress or mental disorders, e.g. PTSD.
  • Assessment of mental state as a mitigating factor in capital punishment cases.

At CAPFS, we approach work on forensic cases from a team perspective. Which means that when a case is accepted, a lead psychologist is assigned, along with other staff who will assist in the gathering of information for the case.

The psychologist will consult the attorney throughout case development, and also be prepared to testify, should that be necessary.


The Procedure

1. Depending on the nature of the case, a battery of psychometric tests will be selected that will best address the referral questions

2. Background information will be collected and reviewed. If additional information is needed, the psychologist will request this of the attorney, e.g., school records, employment histories, social security records, etc.

3. If needed, collateral contacts may be made to gather further information for the evaluation. These individuals may be family members or others close to the client who is being evaluated.

Our psychologist will consult with attorney(s) throughout case development and also be prepared to testify should this be necessary.

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